We had a great time in Arts' Week  - with Kandinsky style tiles, Brazil themed t-shirts, carnival headdresses and an amazing model of Christ the Redeemer to prove it. The hall was really busy on Friday afternoon at the showcase of art created, so ours will be on display again in the classroom for our open afternoons this week should you wish to take a closer look.


In maths Miss Gilder will carry on teaching decimals, percentages and fractions - starting the week with percentages of amounts as this is an area we have identified as needing further input. 

Our Lego information texts will be on display for open afternoon - after editing and adding images they look really great.  We have moved on to our narrative unit on Alma and so far it really seems to have inspired the class. The actual writing starts on Monday, so hopefully all the creative thoughts and ideas from last week will be swiftly transferred onto paper. Over the last few years the Alma topic has produced amazing results - l'm sure it's going to be the same this year too.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon!

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