The Naughty Bus is coming to Red Class this week!

The Naughty Bus will inspire lots of Literacy based activities this week. We will be recreating some of the scenes from the story and then writing captions for the pictures we take of these. We will also be making up our own stories about The Naughty Bus, using our imaginations to think about what he might get up to next. 

We will also be using the story as a way of practising 1 less. We will create a human bus where people get on and off - how many will there be now? Throughout the week we will also be looking at repeating patterns. We will create repeating patterns using pictures, sounds and actions. We will also be taking a quick look at symmetry.

In Phonics we are learning the sounds th, ng and ee and the tricky word 'are'. We are working hard to try and spot these digraphs in words and working on our blending and segmenting skills. 

We look forward to having lots of you in on Tuesday and Thursday for parent open afternoons. Don't forget something to make your own Naughty Bus with :)


ReturnJan 29, 2018