Week beginning 5th February

After just recovered from Arts Week, along comes Safer Internet Day and Wow Science afternoon.

We will give Monday over to re-emphasising how we can all stay safe while using the internet, looking at which online behaviours have a positive effect, and those which have a negative effect.  We will also investigate managing online conflict in a positive way and look at actions that will make everyone feel happy and good about themselves.  There will be a short assembly where we and Green Class will share our learning at 2:45pm in the school hall.

In our Wow science afternoon, we will look at surface tension with some fun activities planned.

Elsewhere, in English, we will write the ‘twisted’ fairy tale we planned last week and in maths, we will have a rest from fractions by looking at different measurements of time and converting between them.  Our ‘normal’ science will involve temperature in relation to changing states and PE will see the last of our volleyball and OAA sessions.

Well done to everyone for getting your children here as often as possible, as we have again won top attendance in Key Stage 2, for January.  As our reward, Friday 9th February will be a non-uniform day.

As we reach the end of another term, may we thank you for your continued support with what we are trying to achieve for your children here in Blue Class.  It was great to see so many of you last week during our open afternoons, experiencing our fairly usual learning environment.

Congratulations to Dylan, who received our behaviour award last week.

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