Week beginning 5th February 2018.

Following last week's "treasure hunt", we will try to make sense of the goings-on in the New Forest in August 1100 this week and resolve the problem of whether we think William II's death was an accident, murder or the result of the actions of a hired hitman. Sadly, the class won't be quite as engaged by this (evidence-sifting, as opposed to running round seeking envelopes) as they seemed to be by the hunt but the story is a good one and, although I'm yet again showing my age, it's good to play Columbo sometimes...as in knowing who's dead and who killed them from the start but trying to work out the chain of events that led up to that point.

The "big event" this week will be trying to tie together a very small play about e-safety ready for Tuesday afternoon. We have a script, we have some actors but we don't yet have a performance. Here's hoping that changes...

Maths lessons will begin to tie fractions, percentages and decimals together (and also take in some ordering of the first and the last) and English classes will continue to maintain a punctuation focus whilst also drilling down into pronouns. Our first set of cams and followers machines are coming together meaning we can start to tackle the trickier mechanism very soon. 

Please enjoy the short intermission in our services - I will write again in a fortnight.

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