We are looking forward to a busy week in Orange Classes!

In our literacy lessons this week we will be continuing with the 'Traditional Tales' genre by completing a second week of working on the story 'The Little Red Hen'.  The children have already really enjoyed acting in role as The Little Red Hen and composing questions to ask her.  They have also been writing questions in their workbooks.  This week we will be thinking about the feelings of The Little Red Hen and developing our understanding of playscripts when we work together in small groups to act out the story.  

Everyone has been working really hard on their number bonds for 10 and 20.  This week we will be doing further work in this area, with the intention that the children will be able to quickly recall the pairs of numbers that make 10 and 20.  We will also be practising using these number facts to solve simple word problems. 

In our art lessons we have started to make collages of aeroplanes using lots of different coloured and textured fabrics.  We have been looking at the lovely fabric collage works of the artist Janet Bolton as inspiration for our work.  Another part of our art unit this term is to learn all about weaving.  Having practised the technique using paper and straws, we will be going on to using fabric to create a woven wing for our Little Red Hens that we have made. 

It was a pleasure to have parents come into school on Tuesday and Thursday and we hope that you enjoyed sharing in our art activities.

With half-term rapidly approaching we will certainly be working hard to complete our topics this week.

We hope you have a fun week!

Mrs Scargill, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Buchanan, Miss Kirkwood and Mrs Heather.

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