Week beginning 19th February 2018.

Back with a bang, as they say, or at least a dull and probably wet thud. We will be straight into some measurement work this week - angles, conversions, that sort of thing. I will also be looking for a piece of writing which will show me how far your punctuation skills are progressing before we re-cap conjunctions. Our DT work is yet to be completed so that will continue this week and we're going to take a few steps forward in time in terms of looking at the changing power of the monarchy in History. I think it's a quiet week in terms of events, but Book Day is approaching so look out for the news of the eturn of the Extreme Reading photography competition. In Science, I believe you have some parachutes to test and, given the Winter Olympics coverage, I thought we'd unearth the indoor curling sets for P.E. on Monday.

Ready or not, here we go.

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