Awesome Authors! Week Beginning 19th February 2018

This term our topic is Awesome Authors. We will be celebrating all things book related :)

Across EYFS and KS1 we have all chosen an author to focus on this term. In Red Class we will be focusing on Oliver Jeffers. You may not have heard of him but don't worry, you will have heard lots about his stories by the end of this term. 

This week we will be looking at his book 'Lost and Found'. It is all about a penguin who loses his way but makes a friend that makes it all worth it. We may even find that very penguin in School and have to find a way to help it get home. 

In Maths we will be looking at the '+' sign and completing some practical addition activities. 

In Phonics we will be recapping all of our previously learnt sounds and adding a few more. We will mainly be focusing on 'oo'. This can be a little tricky is this phoneme makes two sounds - 'oo' as in moon and 'oo' as in book. 

We look forward to getting started with a new term (although can you believe it is term 4 already?!).

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