Roald Dahl all the way!

We are all so impressed with the amount of Yellow Class members who are attempting the spelling and reading challenges! We are starting to see an improvement in spelling within writing tasks. Keep it up Yellows!!!

Well we have made a great start to our new term by delving into the world of Roald Dahl and the BFG! So far we have used clips from the massively inspiring 1989 animated version of the BFG to encourage our descriptive writing. This coming week we will be using an audio book of another foxy tale by Roald Dahl to introduce the concept of silimes.

During our maths lessons we have been exploring the world of fractions including halves and quartes of shapes and amounts. This week we will  looking deeper into the workings of the denominator and numerator. 

We will be enjoying a Skate Boarding workshop on Wednesday, followed by our joint aerobics on Thursday and cricket skills on Friday. 

Please ensure your child has a full LABELLED PE kit in school. Including t-shirt, shorts, socks, trousers, trainers/plimsolls and jumper/hoodie.

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