Of the importance of punctuation.

Week beginning 26th February 2018.

We have spent a while now re-capping and starting to expand on the uses of different types of punctuation. There is still a way to go but, in the interim, we are going to attempt a piece of extended narrative this week, based around a stop-animation short film, to see how the essentials are coming on. We are also using it as a means of practising the joining of handwriting which, in this half of the year, is and will be assuming greater importance. The application of angle facts will be a focus in Maths, following last week's input, before we turn back to decimals, this time in the context of measurements and particularly measurement conversions.

It won't be long now in DT before we can start introducing the challenge of pulleys into a third and final machine and History will involve us taking a closer look at how the Magna Carta was the first limitation to be placed on the power of the monarchy - sorry, no treasure hunts or games this week.

The second Lent Service will take place on Tuesday morning - which, with the predicted wind chill, could be a coolish outing - and everybody acquitted themselves very well last week.

If any snow does fall, please take care getting here. Hopefully, however, it will miss us altogether but I think wrapping up warm for time spent outside of the building could be advisable.

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