This should be an active week for us, starting with our cricket coaching session on Tuesday afternoon, then onto a skateboarding workshop on Wednesday and another HIIT (high intensity interval training) session on Thursday afternoon. Of course we will also have our walk to church on Tuesday morning for our weekly Lent service (this week led by Violet class) though the Met Office is keen to remind us that an Eastern weather front may put paid to some or all of this!!

Last week culminated in a heated debate about the positive and negative consequences of deforestation - well done to Patrick and Grace for holding their own despite having to deal with some tricky arguments. We will move on this week to write a persuasive letter to the government of Brazil, focusing on the negative aspects of deforestation.

In maths we will finish our learning about algebra and move on to converting units of measure, both metric and imperial. Many children find this tricky so we hope to iron out the misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Snow may of course disrupt these plans - no doubt the children have everything crossed to make that possibility a reality!

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