This week we will read our second Oliver Jeffers story 'Up and Down' and dive into the wonderful world of penguins!

We really enjoyed our first week back last week and starting our new topic. We particularly enjoyed some topical curling during our P.E. lessons too- there were some possible future Olympians in the making!

This week we will read our next Oliver Jeffers story 'Up and Down'. This will inspire us to find out facts about the penguins our class groups are named after and have a go at recording these. We have been working to introduce finger spaces and full stops in our writing and will continue to talk about these this week.

In Phonics we will be introducing the 'or', 'ar' and 'er' sounds and practising hearing which of these we need to use when writing. We will also introduce the new tricky word 'you'.

We had some fantastic numeracy work going on in Red Class last week and hope to continue this week as we practise the addition skills we have been learning. We'll use our penguin theme to inspire us!

This week we will also be lucky enough to take part in a skateboarding workshop. For these sessions we ask that the children bring in some warm clothing that is suitable for outdoor activities as it is due to be very cold this week and the session will hopefully take place outside. We ask that these are sent in in a named carrier bag.

Red B will have their workshop on Wednesday.

Red M will have their workshop on Thursday.

A final request to end this weeks update- if you have any kitchen roll tubes or card wrapping paper tubes please send them in! We are hoping to make some penguins with them as we enjoyed making the Paddington tubes so much!

We look forward to a busy, if somewhat chilly, week!

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