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Week beginning 5th March

After last week’s excitement/stress/disruption/fun/anxiety/interruptions, this week will look remarkably similar to what was planned for the previous week, without skateboarding, which will be rescheduled later in the year.
So, in our English learning, we continue to track the life of Jim Jarvis in Berlie Doherty’s novel, Street Child, especially looking at the vocabulary used and developing an understanding of how to portray the changing emotions throughout the book. Thank you again to those who have tracked down a copy of the book and are reading along with us in class.
Our maths learning continues with multiplication of 3-digit numbers and re-introduces division, using more compact, and dare I say ‘traditional’, methods. After our introduction to electricity last week, including recognising the associated dangers, we start this week to make our own circuits.
Crime and punishment moves on to Tudor times this week while in RE, we are looking at how Christians remember the events of Maundy Thursday.
This week is our turn to lead the Lent Service, therefore you are more than welcome to join us at the church on Tuesday for a 9:15 start.

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