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Week beginning 5th March 2018.

It's tempting to write "see last week" after the days of slip slidin' away (copyright Paul Simon, 1970-something), but I will gamely try to formulate some words.

First off, apologies if last week's closures caused problems. It is difficult to do the right thing, or even always to know what the right thing to do is. We have to consider the safety of everyone not just at school but en route to and from school as well. We stayed open for most of the day on Tuesday but temperatures of minus fifteen were causing us some serious problems on Wednesday. Thursday started off with us declaring ourselves open but weather closing in caused everything to go into reverse. The freezing rain on Friday morning made every walking surface lethal.

Anyway...decimal work featuring measurement will be appearing this week and we have a piece of independent narrative to complete, if anyone can still remember the source clearly, before we focus again on extending punctuation knowledge. We're still with King John in History and will be fashioning some fresh Magna Cartae using the idea of the prospective vacancy at the head of the school as a context.

I think that the Book Fair will proceed this week and this is the week to submit your Extreme Reading photographs for review by the jury, with the prospect of prizes from the Book Fair to be won. I believe, too, that Parents' Evening appointments for next week will go live too and once more I will look forward to discussing progress, achievement and next steps with everyone able to attend.

Until then, here's to the power of the sun.

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