The Way Back Home. Week Beginning 12th March 2018

This week we will be continuing to read books written by Oliver Jeffers when we read his space-based story 'The Way Back Home'.

Before reading the story we will be looking at the front cover to try and decide what we think the book is about. Following this, in Literacy we will be thinking about what we would do if we found a plane in our cupboard, just like the boy in the story. We will also be designing our own space monster that the boy and alien might see when they are on the moon. We will be using our imaginations to think about what it might look like, eat, where it would live, what it might like doing etc. We will also be practising our letter writing skills. 

In Maths we will be moving onto doubling this week. We will be using practical resources to work out the doubles of numbers up to 10+10. We will also be solving problems involving doubling. We are working really hard on our number formation at the moment and will be sending home the rhymes we have been learning to help us at Parents Evening this week.

In Phonics we will be learning the 'ur' sound and the tricky word 'they'. Lots of us are struggling to spot digraphs and remember them on sight so we will be using the rest of the week to practise the digraphs we have already learnt. 

We look forward to seeing you all at Parents Evening on Wednesday and Thursday. 

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