It was a busy week last week! We had lots of fun in our science lessons, making bridges out of different types of paper and adding water to different types of paper towels so that we could test the strength and the absorbency of the materials we used.  

This week we will be continuing to develop our understanding of information texts in our English lessons.  They will be using information posters to find information about London attractions and will then make their own information posters to share with the class.  We will also be learning about verbs (doing words!) and using them in our sentence writing.

At the beginning of the week our maths will involve the completion of our addition and subtraction topic by making comparisons between two addition sentences or two subtraction sentences and identifying the greater of the two answers.  We will then return to place value, working with numbers up to 50.  The children will practice using the skills they learned when we worked on place value before, only they will now be working with higher numbers. 

Our Geography will involve learning more about the four countries of the United Kingdom.  In our Design Technology lessons we will be learning about kites.

We have spotted daffodils coming out in the school grounds - we hope that this is a sign of some slightly warmer weather to come!  

We hope you all enjoy your week! 

Mrs Scargill, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Buchanan, Miss Kirkwood and Mrs Heather.

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