Nice to see you; to see you, nice.

Week beginning 12/03/18.

Parents' Consultation Evenings have rolled around again and hopefully everyone has managed to secure an at least semi-suitable appointment time. A "chunk of the chat" will be about your son or daughter's engagement with independent work and progress towards the prospect of achieving at least expected level in the National Curriculum Test disciplines next year. There will also be the chance for parents to discuss PESE prospects if your minds are already turning in that direction.

We will continue our long wind towards punctuation perfection, again focusing on the full demarcation of direct speech, partly based on last week's independent writing, and decimals will still be the focus in Maths as we look specifically at counting on and back across barriers, rounding and ordering. Our last stop on the ups and downs of the power of the monarchy in mediaeval British history will be with Richard II and the Peasants' Revolt and the push to complete both mechanical cams systems in DT will be on.

The visits by prospective headteachers for the school are now over but we will be joined on Monday morning by Mr. Slate, a new member of the governing body, so hopefully levels of behaviour, engagement and work rate will all impress.

Please remember that the deadline for the Extreme Reading photographic competition has been extended until this Friday - it would be good to receive as many entries as possible as vouchers for use at the forth-coming Book Fair are up for grabs.

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