Stand and deliver?

Week beginning 12th March

In readiness for the forthcoming parent’s consultation meetings this week, we have some assessments to carry out, with reading and arithmetic on Monday and reasoning and problem solving in maths and grammar in English following along on Tuesday. Other changes to the norm will be taking the whole of Monday afternoon to investigate crime and punishment in the Georgian times and substituting our Tuesday French learning for RE for the majority or DT for the swimmers.
As we did so well in our science last week, and we need to massively catch up with DT, Wednesday afternoon will be given over to DT, where we will practice our sewing skills before turning our thoughts to our own design for a money container.
Elsewhere, we will wrap up our learning based around Street Child in English and end our multiplication and division learning in maths by tackling some word problems.
Our behaviour award last week was awarded to Mia, well done to her.

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