Week beginning Monday 12th March 2018

Well, we managed a full week without snow last week so here is hoping we get through another week without any disruptions!

It is Green Class who will be reading, carrying the cross and candles and doing the prayers at the Lent service in church on Tuesday if anyone would like to join us, you are more than welcome!

It is also Mr McRae's last week in Green Class this week boooooooo!  He will be teaching for most of the week as he has to get his teaching percentage up for his final report!  He will also be joining me in parents evenings as he has taught the children for a significant part of this term and needs to also encounter what a parents evening entails before he seeks employment as a newly qualified teacher!

The children will be looking at recounts in English in the form of news reports.

Maths has finally moved on from time!  We are looking at money, denominations, adding and finding change and money word problems!

The children are thoroughly enjoying the Crime and Punishment topic in History as Mr McRae banished a child on Thursday as a Roman style punishment!  This week is looking at the Tudors, yikes...they loved a brutal form of punishment!

Science will be learning the difference between Omnivore, Carnivore and Herbivore and why animals have and need such different diets.

I look forward to seeing you all at Parents Evening.

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