Week beginning Monday 19th March 2018

We've said our fond farewells to Mr McRae today and wish him lots of success for his future teaching career.  We will be seeing him back after the Easter break for his research week though sadly not in Green Class for the entire week!

Monday and Tuesday are a little bit higgledy piggledy - I will be joining Mrs Hutchings to carry out the new Year 3 teacher interviews and therefore Mr Conway has a fantastic series of lessons to teach the children - the perks of having a qualified teacher as a TA!

Tuesday will be Lent Service at church in the morning (we need an extra person to walk to church with us now Mr McRae has left so if anyone is free that would be great please!)  Tuesday afternoon will be interviews again, this time the candidate will be doing a lesson in Green Class so I am not sure what she will have up her sleeve for the class but I am sure it will be an exciting afternoon.

And at last...Wednesday will be back to normal and at last I will have my class back to myself!  We will be looking at traditional poems in English starting with Robert Louis Stevenson.  Maths moves on to Statistics - looking at tally charts, bar charts and pictograms and reading data from them.

I will attempt to carry on Crime and Punishment in History but walking in King McRae's shoes may be tricky - we will be focussing on Dick Turpin as we move on to his era!

Science will be looking and naming at bones in our body and the purpose of the skeleton.

DT will be to design our photo frames that we have been focussing on for the past couple of weeks ready for construction in the final week of term.

It was good to meet you all at parents evening, fitting 32 sets of parents in was tricky!  I still have to catch up with a couple of you that found there were no slots left when you came to book - please pop a note in the contact books of when you are available.  I can generally do any morning at 8.30am or Friday after school.

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