Week beginning 19/03/18.

Some things stay rigidly the same, some things change this week.

Morning assessments will all be fixed in place, we will continue to fix down the demarcation of direct speech and we will tackle both decimal reading scales and conversions. Mrs. Walker will continue to look at forces and resistance, ukuleles will strike up once more, working cams machines will inch forward and lessons in the use of the modelling program, Sketch Up, will return as the upgraded server brings Windows 10 to all the school laptops.

But...after Emma, Wonu and Louis posted up all the photographic competition entries, winners will be found, the Book Fair will open, Leean, Chloe and Sam will do some major singing on Thursday evening in order to try to secure the school's choir a prize and we will, as a class, build the simplest of puppets to accompany our contribution to Easter service due to take place in eleven days' time. Writing of Easter, English and spelling homeworks will be replaced by the request to learn off by heart the Roger McGough poem which the class will perform in church at that service and, writing of services, the last Lent service will happen this Tuesday.

If you are collecting your children from school on Wednesday or Thursday, do take a few moments to drop into the PTA's Book Fair in the Small Hall for a potential slice of discounted reading material - you'll receive a warm welcome and winners of the photographic competition will have some vouchers to spend (in addition to the £1 vouchers which all pupil visitors will receive as part of the snow-delayed World Book Day).

So it's one of those everything's normal - with a few twists and flourishes - weeks and hopefully it will start to get a bit warmer again (unlike how it is right now, early Sunday morning!).

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