This week we move onto our next story by Oliver Jeffers-'Stuck'!


Yes, this week we move onto our fourth Oliver Jeffers story! I'm not sure we'd be able to pick which one we like best very easily!

We'll be working hard to remember all of the different things that Floyd throws into the tree to try and free his kite! Can we remember the order too?! We'll also write him a letter with some advice about how he could actually get all of the objects down. We'll creating our own versions of the story too... what might end up in our trees? All fictional, of course!

This week we'll move onto some subtraction and, partly inspired by our story, will be counting how many things we have left after we've taken a given number away.

In Phonics we will be learning the last two of the Phase 3 digraphs- 'ow' and 'oi'. We will also introduce the tricky word 'all'.

You may have already heard, we have started practising our Easter song! It's all about those clever daffodil bulbs. We'll be doing lots more practise this week ready for our Church services next week.

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