New topics to start in maths and English as well as our Awesome Authors fun day...

In maths this week we are returning to Place Value - this time using numbers up to at least 50 and beyond.  We will be looking at numbers and working out how many tens and ones are in them.  We will also be identifying one more and one less and comparing two numbers, saying which is the greatest.  The children will be using practical apparatus as well as their 100 squares to support their learning.  We will also be learning to quickly recall one more and one less than any number up to 100 as well as practising counting in 10's.

At the beginning of the week we will be completing our work on using information texts and then we will be moving onto poetry.  This will involve using descriptive language to describe daffodils.  If you have any daffodils in your garden, perhaps you could have a chat with your child about them.  You could ask questions such as: 'What do they look like?  Can you describe their colour?  Can you describe their shape and texture?  If it's windy, you might be able to ask your child to describe how they are moving too.

We are looking forward to starting to practise our contribution to the school Easter services at church.  We  will also be having lots of fun on Thursday, when it is our Key Stage One Awesome Authors day.  

We are expecting a busy week!!

Mrs Scargill, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Buchanan, Miss Kirkwood and Mrs Heather.

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