Week beginning 26th March 2018.

Like the early 1970s (for those of you at least as old as me - not many, I'm betting), it's a return to the four day week: not caused by union intransigence or government insistence but by the positioning of Good Friday.

So into those four days we will pack: the last bits of decimals Maths; more DT construction - though this will probably hang around into next term, before we get cooking; completing art work for the Easter service; forces work in Science; all the regular GPS, comprehension, mental and worded Maths assessments; music, P.E. and R.E.; rehearsals for the Easter service...oh, and the making of a short video to demonstrate the new "Craze of the Week", aka three ways you can entertain yourselves at lunch-time with a hoop. This will need to happen between 9.30 and 10.30 on Monday morning before it's shown in the assembly part of Collective Worship, so quality may not be the order of the day...

I hope that some of you will be able to attend the 1330 Service at the church on Thursday and that all of you have a good Easter break. For many reasons, it's been a mildly extraordinary Term 4 and many a battery is now in need of a re-charge.

Happy Easter.

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