Week beginning 26th March

It’s ‘off piste’ for much of our learning this week, starting on Monday where the morning is devoted to the making of our money containers and the PTA Easter raffle, with the afternoon being our wow science task. For both DT and science, we are relying on the children bringing in extra resources for each activity, namely any materials, cotton, zips etc for the money containers and boxes, packaging materials, cotton wool etc for the science task. Also, any offers of help for our DT learning will be greatly appreciated.
Tuesday morning is a repeat of Monday, where we will complete our money containers while normal service resumes for the afternoon, with our final session of cricket with James and French with Mrs Campbell.
On Wednesday, we will need to prepare, plan and rehearse our Easter presentation for the church, test and evaluate our money containers and, a day earlier than normal, squeeze in our music learning with Mrs Julier.
Our church service is at 9:30 on Thursday morning and, on our return, it will be computing with Mrs Castle. We understand that on Thursday afternoon, you will be able to collect your children from 2:45. We’ll be watching for you from the classroom window!
Finally, we need to say goodbye and good luck to Sri, who is leaving us on Thursday for a new school.

ReturnMar 25, 2018