What a term it has been! Only 4 days to go until we all get some well-earned rest, but we have to squeeze in a lot before then.

On Monday afternoon it's time for another Wow Science session - the details need to be kept secret or there will of course be no 'wow', but please remember to send in packaging materials (bubble wrap/cotton wool/newspaper/small boxes etc). Hopefully we'll be able to post photographs on the website later in the week - maybe even on Twitter - but only once all of key stage 2 have completed the investigation.

In maths we are moving on to another geometry topic and will be investigating angles (revising types of angles, estimating and measuring angles, constructing shapes with specific angles, calculating missing angles and opposite angles). If we get all of this done, it  will free up the 3 week build-up to SATs  at the beginning of term 5 for revision and practice tests.

In English we have a biography to complete (Louis Sachar) and some work on formal and informal writing styles. Hopefully we will also get on to character descriptions of the characters in There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom.

Our Easter church service is on Thursday morning and we look forward to seeing many of you there. Although we are back in school in the afternoon, pick up can be anytime from 2.45pm should you be hoping for an early get away. 

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