Week beginning 16/04/18.

Welcome back.

The start of Term 5 is upon us.

Maths themes will switch to all those non-number areas, starting with properties of 2D and 3D shapes and English lessons will be themed to our new History topic, Ancient Egypt. We will still be tackling the areas of punctuation, sentence agreement and grammar yet to be broached, just hanging them on a more unifying, topic-based branch.

Sometime shortly, James (the cricket coach) will be in attendance to start delivering the Year 5 scheme and, for a few weeks, we will also be visited by an outreach arm (or should that be foot/leg?) of a football team for a few weekly lessons. So much physical activity...and that's before we unleash the bamboo canes and the harmonica from their sealed box in order to start preparations for May Day.

A little urgency reaches into DT in order that we might clear the decks of cams and pulleys in order to start cooking up healthier burgers (of the beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian varieties) and new topics enter in Science, Computing and R.E., all as detailed on the Year 5 plan on another part of the website.

So, buckle up and, with further regard to the diddly-dees, scream if you want to go faster...

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