We look forward to welcoming the children back to school this week! Ready for more fun and adventures. This term our topic will be.... Dinosaurs!!

On Monday we will be transported to the land of the dinosaurs as we jump into our new topic! We will have a range of dinosaur based activities to get us started! We will talk about what we know already and start to find out some new information. We'll write down some more questions we would like to find the answers to, based on our new topic. The dinosaur theme will seep into all areas of our learning this week to get us really excited!

In Numeracy we will continue to practice our numbers to 20- recognising them in and out of order. We will also work on some sharing- helping the dinosaurs to share the eggs between their nests. It has to be fair or they won't be happy!

In Phonics we will really begin to consolidate all of the sounds that we have learnt in Red Class. We will also introduce the very last Phase 3 sound- 'ure'.

We will also be getting creative and using a range of natural materials to make our very own dinosaur habitats- and talking about how these look different to our own. Our creativity will also extend to some sock craft!! We will be designing our own Sockosaurus early in the week and would love the children to bring in old (but clean!) socks in that they can transform into a dinosaur!

We look forward to kicking off our new topic with a 'ROAR'!

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