Week beginning 23/04/18.

Tentative May Day deliberations have begun (hence the reference to sticks). Four bamboo canes have broken so far - a new record - and some of us seem to have turned the sticking of sticks into unhelpful places into a new sport. Four and a half weeks of practice...and counting.

Elsewhere we will look at the building of the pyramids in History this week and use the information to fill a letter in English, so all those letter-writing conventions will come into play, not least judging the tone correctly. Shape work in Maths will re-encounter area and advance the topic to include triangles and, for some, parallelograms whilst also re-inforcing the idea of using properties knowledge to identify the lengths of missing sides.

We will dabble with a bit of Egyptian-inspired art and James (the cricket coach) will be here on Monday afternoon to start off this year's series of lessons. In addition, the skateboarding workshop, postponed when the snow and ice came, has now been re-scheduled for this Friday (when, incidentally, I shall be working in Manchester and so not in school). 

Monday will hopefully also be a date in lots of parents' diaries as Mrs. Campbell will be explaining the PESE process for 2018 (for both old hands and new participants) in order to advise you as to what happens when in terms of the transfer to secondary school and the decisions and choices facing you prior to and during Year 6.

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