What an exciting week we have ahead of us!


Firstly, we must welcome Miss Lee who has joined Yellow R as a student teacher. We are really looking forward to doing lots of learning with her!

In maths we will be applying our previous learning to SATs questions in order to prepare us for the quizzes in May. We will also begin to learn about time, which can be a tricky concept to understand so any extra practise at home would be beneficial. We will be learning how to tell the time to the hour, half past the hour, quarter past the hour and some of us will be able to read intervals of 5 minutes on a clock face. 

In English we are going to be reading, exploring and writing about the book Amazing Grace. This is an excellent book that encourages everyone who reads to understand that if they put their mind to something they can most definitely do it. We will be exploring the book through the eyes of Grace, her Grandmother and even her cat. As we love drama in Yellow Class we will be using our comprehension of the plot, and the different character's feelings, to do some hot seating. 

We are most excited as on Friday we will be having a skateboarding session! We will learn about how a skateboard works and begin to build up our skills and confidence to use one. Miss Rogers, Miss Spence and Miss Lee will definitely need their helmets on! 

We look forward to a challenging, inspiring, explorative and engaging week. 


ReturnApr 22, 2018