Week beginning 30/04/18.

We are going to use some of our enhanced shape knowledge to tackle some elements of a series of investigations this week in which the class will be invited to work in investigative teams to solve a problem. At the same time we will be extending our letters of apology to pharaoh, trying to explain the delays to his building project. With regard to writing, we will also be carrying out an assessment later in the week ahead of some internal and external moderation to ensure all gradings are still on track.

There will, of course, be a bit of diddly-dee practice and James will return for some cricket coaching (which, I fear, may be restricted to the hall...if the weather forecast is correct) and we will carry out some Art attempting to depict a section of the River Nile.

The Charlton Athletic representative will be back on Wednesday morning too to put the class through their paces.

All-in-all, a pretty active week.

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