This week we continue our Dinosaur topic by writing our own riddles and guessing, which dinosaur am I?!

Firstly, we want to say a big 'thank you!' to Mr Miller and Miss Spence who helped to organise and rearrange the skateboarding workshop. We all loved our sessions and everybody gave it a go, keen to try a new skill: well done Red Class! :)

This week we will be using all of the information we have learnt about different dinosaurs to help us write our own riddles.We will start by exploring what a riddle is and trying to solve some and then have a go at writing our own. We will also play a bit of dinosaur 'Who Am I?' to help us!

In Phonics this week we will be working hard to practise the tricky words we have learnt so far in Red Class. We will also be learning some new ones along the way: like, there and have.

In Numeracy we will start to have a look at money- exploring the different coins and the different values they have. We will sort them, count them and even try to make some coin rubbings.

We will also be continuing to learn the steps for our May Day dance!

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