Hopefully the weather this week will show good improvement and some sunshine will help our seeds to start to grow...

This week we will be moving on to our final tale from The Story Tree.  It is an African-American traditional tale called 'The Sweetest Song'.  The children have really enjoyed these traditional tales from many different cultures and have particularly enjoyed joining in with role play.  This week we will be working hard at our writing skills and having a go at writing our own tales using a similar framework.

In our maths lessons we are moving on to learning about early multiplication and division skills and will be practicing counting in tens from any given number.  We will also be practicing counting in twos and fives.  We will be using counting apparatus to make equal groups and learning how to add equal groups by using our knowledge of counting in tens, fives and twos to find a total. 

In science lessons we will continue with our topic 'Plants'.  The beans that we planted in our classroom have grown tall and we will be recording their progress in our bean diaries and measuring how tall they are.  We will also be keeping an eye on our vegetable patch for any signs of growing plants - we have planted runner bean seeds (both pink seeds and cream coloured seeds) as well as lettuce, carrots, parsnips and some sprouts too.  Whilst I don't think it will be necessary to water them yet... we are hoping that some sunshine will warm up the soil and help them to grow!  As well as all of this we will be looking at, naming and sorting wild plants and garden plants, so, if you happen to spot any dandelions or pansies, tulips or thistles, we are hoping that the children might be able to identify them!

Mrs Scargill, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Heather and Miss Kirkwood


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