Week beginning 7th May 2018.

Who doesn't enjoy a Bank Holiday (apart from those to whom it doesn't apply)?

The lack of a Monday means we need to squash five days into four as far as possible, including assessments. There are the "every week" ones which need to be ranked by importance and, as Year 2 classes tackle their NCTs - with Year 6 doing the same next week - we embark on the May annual round ups too, starting with Writing on Tuesday. Cricket with coach James will take a rest for a week but we need, with a little urgency, to create a closing third for the May Day dance in order to allow time to polish it ready for the big day in just over a fortnight. The holiday means a day less Maths and a day less English but there is plenty which can still be squeezed in, not least a run-through 3D shapes and a bit of work on scale. We will begin to take a closer look at the life of the pharaoh in History, (organising a party at the palace with all the trimmings).

I remind everyone almost daily about the need for neat, quality work given that everything produced this term may need to be submitted to a panel of headteachers for appraisal if a PESE appeal becomes necessary in September - some are responding with a greater cogency of purpose than others...This applies to homework, too, so if parents are able to re-enforce this idea at home, so much the better as EVERYTHING counts.

In the immediate term, enjoy the family day on Monday and the promised good temperatures and be prepared to dazzle in the next few weeks... 

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