4 school days until SATs begin but the PGL countdown is much more popular! Only 45 sleeps (from Tuesday) - just in case you wanted to know!

This week is all about keeping calm and carrying on. There will be a little revision of maths and GPS but we continue to focus on improving our writing with an independent task planned for the latter part of the week. The children should now be checking their work carefully for errors in punctuation and spelling as well as thinking carefully about sentence structure and paragraphing. Hopefully this self editing will be evident in the independent task - I can but hope!

Maypole dancing is progressing very well; with 3 of the 4 dances mastered, we now need to focus on perfection! The children are eagerly waiting to attempt four-in-hand (the dance the parents will try their hand at at the end of May Day). Generally the first attempt resembles chaos, so I need to build up my strength first.....

Please remember to return the bikeability consent slips - we are still waiting for 8 to come in before we can plan the groupings. The activity is planned for Monday 21st May. 

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