Week commencing Monday 14th May

We open our doors to all parents again on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please book in for one of the sessions.  Tuesday afternoon is Science and Thursday is History so take your pick!  Parents will be asked to leave the classroom at 3.20pm so that I can get the children ready for home and send them down to you at 3.30pm.

There have been some problems with children not going home in their jumpers.  I am sure you can understand that with 31 children to keep track of, Mr Conway and I can not be sure, during the warmer weather, who came to school in a jumper so therefore should be leaving in one! At the end of EVERY day we collect jumpers up off the floor, chairs and tables and return to the children if there are names in the jumpers.  If the name has been washed/worn out or there is no name at all then they are put in lost property if the children do not know if it is there's or not.  You are more than welcome at the end of the day to rummage through lost property if your child is missing an item of clothing (most of which are brought down from the MUGA after lunchtime).

Learning this week will be continuing with the book Moon Man where we will be doing some hot seating on Monday to interview him!  We will then move on to a news report about his crash landing.  The children are loving the book so far!

Maths moves on to angles and recognising angles bigger or smaller than a right angle.

Science is the final lesson on muscles and we will be checking our pulses on Tuesday before and after exercise so if this was your choice of open afternoon, be prepared to jump up and down and find your pulse rate!

History is looking at The Ancient Greeks Gods and Goddesses and writing fact files for them.

We have a cricket coach on Monday for outdoor PE and indoor PE is our May Day dance.  There are some children without trainers still which are needed for both cricket and dancing.

Have a great weekend, let's hope the decent weather continues.

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