Week beginning 14th May

Hopefully, persuasive writing has been firmly embedded into the children’s memories as we move onto poetry for our English learning this week. We will be specifically looking at kennings, learning their features before writing our own – a great opportunity to play around a little with our English language. We have a week on time in maths, concentrating on converting between different units of time to start with before moving onto converting between analogue and digital times.
Monday afternoon will be handed over to our DT learning, making and evaluating our musical instruments. You will remember that part of home learning last week was to gather items together for this project, so this is a final warning to those who have not yet brought these items in. We have noticed that this project has inspired some children to share this learning with you at home, and it has been great to see what you have created together, thank you for this continued support.
Hopefully, you will be able to see all the creations during our open afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday this week. They will be the same format as previously, the classroom will be available to you from 2:30 until 3:10, when we will ask you to wait in the playground for the children to be dismissed as usual. I think you need to ‘sign-up’ and I am sure that elsewhere on this site there are all the details.
Elsewhere, Wednesday is Coach Colin’s penultimate visit, this week he will be introducing the children to handball, as well as emphasising the importance of eating healthily.
We were unable to run our usual spelling groups last week, and it is unfortunately the same for this week too. We have replaced them with some whole class grammar and punctuation learning, but they should be back next week.
Congratulations to Dylan, who received our behaviour award last week.

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