Week beginning Monday 21st May

One more week filled with flowers and photos!  The class photo will be on Thursday, please make sure everyone is smart and if possible is wearing a Tunstall school jumper - although if it's warm, they will probably have the children in t-shirts.

Monday, we have some children out for a hockey tournament.  The rest of us will have English, a may day dance practise, RE and PE.

Tuesday, we have some children out at the recorder festival.  Those of us still left behind will have English, Maths and Science (last one of our body topic)

Wednesday is 'normal' lessons in the morning and May Day all afternoon.

Thursday is our class photo amongst computing and music followed by our last History on The Ancient Greeks and finally, Friday will be English - last one of our Moon Man novel, maths - finishing with perpendicular and parallel lines and French - maybe a little golden time to round of the term!

Thank you all for coming to see the children - it was good for them to let you see how they learn and work when we are in the midst of a lesson!

Please could you send in any newspaper to do our paper mache Greek vases.

If anyone that has been to a sporting event and still has a Tunstall PE shirt, please return as we need them back (washed) for the next activity!

Congratulations to Ethan who won our merit award, Hollie was pupil of the week and Badgers stole the table of the week crown.

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