Week beginning 21/05/18.

So, the annual test season is over (except for three children who have missed one or two tests due to sickness/holiday/special events - we will catch these up upon their return). Results have been determined and scores and targets sent home with the children - check those bookbags if you haven't seen anything. Things take a slightly less academic turn for a couple of days in the run up to the main event of the term, May Day. This will allow us to fashion some kind of performance out of a sequence of moves and to up the production rate with regard to the dressing of the performance space.

Hopefully, those of you who came (announced or unannounced) to one of the Open Afternoons last week engaged with activities which met with your approval and gave you a further glimpse into the dynamics of the school - the children always enjoy you being present.

No new spellings were sent home on Friday due to the week before's list being double rations: like last Friday, the children will again be given sentences (orally) containing one of the words and will be expected to identify the correct spelling from the context of the sentence. Being a holiday next week, no homework will be sent home on Friday.

We look forward to seeing lots of you again at May Day this year, celebrating Emilia's coronation, and at which the honoured guest will be Mrs. Hutchings as she oversees her last such event. There are lots of "lasts" gradually hoving into view, for both Year 6 and Mrs. Hutchings, and these will soon enough be followed by lots of firsts for  Indigo Class as they become the oldest children in the school and take on the responsibilities and privileges which such a position confers on them. Time to get ready...

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