Welcome to a wonderful week of SCIENCE!

This week will be taken over by the whole school Science Week. We will be conducting lots of experiments to make the children question the world around them. We will kick off the week by using milk and vinegar to make our own plastic and using various ingredients to make our own bubble mixtures. Year 6 will also be conducting some WOW experiments for us on Tuesday afternoon. We will also be attempting to grow our own beans without any soil.

On Wednesday we will be focusing on minibeasts! We will be sorting them based on what they look like and going on our own minibeast hunt around the school grounds. 

On Thursday we will be visited by a Scientist from a local secondary school who will be showing us some of the wonders that Science can offer. We will be thinking about what we would like to do it we were scientists in the future. We will be looking at floating and sinking and how to make a protective jacket for poor Humpty Dumpty. We will also be trying our hands at engineering by building our own bridges. 

On Friday we will be visited by the Nite Owls company who will be teaching us all about their owls. 

And of course, Friday brings our SCIENCE FAIR! We can't wait to see lots of you there and what the children have come up with. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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