...though there is the small matter of a fete this Saturday.

As from next week, the interruptions to normality start to come thick and fast (as is usual when the year is ending), but I THINK we're pretty typical this week. Maths will consist of re-visiting and enhancing our collective knowledge of the working of statistics and will also feature some investigative work. English will be centred around some precis work which was modelled last week as the class read up about Ancient Egyptian mummification before producing a precis of what they have read, initially in note form and then in consecutive, illustrated paragraphs. Our mummies and mummy cases being produced in Art should begin to take a more final form and, hopefully, Mrs. Patching will be able to join us for circuit training on Tuesday. Whilst it will be present and correct this week, homework may well start to diminish and dwindle soon ( as is customary when the last days arrive), and end-of-year events and preparation for them will start to come fairly thick and fast.

I hope lots of you will be able to join us for the first fete at the new site this Saturday. They are always very successful events and it would be good to think that access to more space will afford the PTA an even bigger success. Mrs. Scargill and I will have our usual stall (the Lucky Dip) and we will look out for you.

Last thought - it was a very noisy week, last week, by which I mean voluble on the talking front. I'm looking for something more "like the old days" this week, please...

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