Week beginning Tuesday 5th June.

A rather different week lies ahead. For one week, gone are English and Maths assessments: indeed, gone are English and Maths, to be replaced by a series of practical Science tasks.

At its root, we are going to investigate the power and properties of air through a series of about ten simple experiments designed to examine, for example, whether air weighs anything, how air can be trapped underwater, how fire can eat up air and whether we can harness the power of air via centrifugal force (must check the spelling of that!).

Alongside, as a sort of technology-combined-with-science task, we will also attempt to complete the James Dyson institute engineering challenge revolving around making a marble take exactly one minute to complete a fixed journey.

Hopefully some of the class will also choose to complete the optional Science project set a few weeks ago and will bring in some home-created invetigations of their own for Friday's Science Fair (though I have a secret plan to compensate for a lack of Indigo Class presence if it turns out to be necessary/desireable).

Along the way, we will also meet Dr. Harrison who will teach us about chemical reactions and, addressing the biology and behaviour of birds, we will also be visited by a group of owls (and their human handlers) to show off their silent flying/hunting skills.

So, a different week. Whether a change will prove to be as good as a rest, we will find out...

Please note: because of these changes, there will be no homework set on Friday - normal service will be resumed next week.

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