Week beginning 11/06/18.

So, the old routine is back. Early morning English and Maths assessments return, back come all the usuals and, being a full week, back comes cricket coach James for one last session on Monday.

For the last few weeks, maths will focus on a number of smaller topics, starting with averages (and, later, probability). Let's find out how many people can retain the differences between mode, median, mean and range...

English will remain contextually Ancient Egypt based and we will be using Pharaoh's party as a vehicle to re-examine conjunctions, both those which co-ordinate and those which subordinate. We will start with some factual research before moving on to sentence construction within an elaborate and fairly detailed party invitation (including all the expectations of polite behaviour).

I will be out of school on Wednesday (attending a meeting in Lenham) but have already arranged for Mrs. walker to take the class on Wednesday rather than Tuesday afternoon this week so nothing will be missed.

The performances of "Matilda" are getting closer and I'd like to encourage parents (for the sake of Mrs. Julier's sanity) to return the slips informing her of when/if children will be attending performances - forewarned is fore-armed and all that. As I'm sure everyone has realised by now, it's a very different type of production compared to those of the past, not least in terms of the numbers potentially involved.

So, normal service is about to be resumed...

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