Science week was a huge success and Violet Class performed brilliantly in their starring roles, demonstrating three times to different groups each time. Performing in front of the whole school was good practice for the next big performance - Matilda - rehearsals for which will take up a fair amount of the next two weeks. 


Planning for our Enterprise project is underway and we have seven teams, all with different money making ideas. This week we will look in detail at what is involved - costs, forecast sales and profits, advertising, project management.... the list is long. Hopefully we will improve our spreadsheet skills as we go as we need to 'balance the books' like a proper business.

With less than 2 weeks before we go, we will also be discussing PGL this week and in particular any worries or concerns the children have, as although PGL is about working as a team and encouraging each other, it is equally about understanding each other's worries and concerns and providing support when needed. The children will be able to advise me of any worries/concerns (anonymously if necessary) via a worry box and we will talk the issues through as a class, discussing the best ways to help each other or provide reassurance while we are away.

We also need to start planning (and practising) for Sports' Day so no doubt there will be a lot of discussion about who does what. The children will have to decide within their houses, making sure that everyone gets a fair spread of field and track activities. Let the 'discussion' commence!

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