We came gliding back to Earth!

Well, what a whirl wind trip we had round space last week! Our Space theme allowed us to explore all the planets in our solar system as well as have a go at inventing our own. We created some wonderful pieces of writing and learnt lots of 'Fun Facts' about space along the way.

In addition to all that fun, we had some new additions to our class....30 caterpillars! All individually named! We are going to watch them grow over the next 12 days as they shed their skin (up to 5 times)! We have already learnt lots of fun facts about this stage of their life! Just ask!

Coming up over the next few weeks-our theme until the end of term is 'Turrets and Tiaras'. We will be learning about and exploring the fantasy world of castles. Why they were built, who lived there and why....and a trip is on the way?!??!

ReturnJun 11, 2018