This week our learning will be focused around the story, 'Eliot the Midnight Superhero' by Anne Cottringer and Alex T.Smith.

We will be thinking about Eliot and what makes him a superhero on the inside and out. We will be making our own 'Role on the Wall' for Eliot where we write about his personality on the inside of his body and his appearance on the outside. We will also be writing a new page for a book full of Eliot's next adventures!

In Maths, we will be matching addition and subtraction number sentences to their superhero answers. We will also be looking at solving problems around 'how many more make 10?' and 'how many more make 20?'. We will be using 10 frames and counters to help us and begin to work out the answer to missing number sentences e.g. 4 + __ = 10. We will also be recapping some measuring by trying to find the heaviest toy in our classroom. 

We will be looking at magnets and what things around our classroom are magnetic. We will be using paperclips and magnets to make our own moving superhero pictures. 

In Phonics we continue to secure our knowledge and understanding of the Phase 3 sounds. We are also starting to introduce some new sounds from Phase 5 and will therefore be teaching 'wh' and 'ou'. Our Tricky Word for next week will be 'out'. 

In the afternoons we hope to design and make our own superhero gadgets and jet packs and we would be grateful if you could send in your recycling for us to be able to do this! Any bottles, boxes, bottle caps, containers etc. would be great! 

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