Week beginning Monday 18th June

Matilda dress rehearsals and whole of KS2 rehearsals this week.  The children are fantastic at their singing parts, you will thoroughly enjoy the show if you have managed to get tickets.  I think the only tickets left now are for the Thursday evening performance and I think July 2nd.

This week we are back to a little bit of normality after Science week and then Assessment week.  In English we are writing instructions ready to build our rockets, only one person has bought anything in for their rocket so far so the others may be lacking vital components!  Please send any plastic bottles and yoghurt pots in by Wednesday.

Maths moves on to shapes using the angles that we learnt at the end of last term to find the properties of the shapes.

We are looking at plants in Science and will be planting runner bean seeds in a variety of places to see which thrives on what conditions.  I have seen some fantastic Mustard seed plants so am wondering what you'll be able to do with a runner bean and the plants the children came home with on Friday!

Geography will be our Canterbury project so please send in any photos the children may have printed off.  We will also be doing a traffic survey outside school to see if Tunstall or Canterbury traffic is the busiest!

PE moves onto practising for field events for Sports Day and learning to catch and throw and bat to make us great rounders players!

Well done to Heidi who is our Pupil of the Week, Max who won the merit award in Assembly and to Finn for gaining his pen license and Elliot who was our handwriting hero and well on his way to getting his pen license.

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