Week beginning 18/06/18.

There are only five weeks left now...meaning events will be crowding in soon and the drive to complete work ratchets up again.

In the next few weeks there will be "Matilda" performances (involving everyone), a Choir concert (involving a few), Sports Day (everyone again), class swap morning (play nicely with Mrs. Campbell, everyone) and events linked to Mrs. Hutchings' retirement. I will do my best to alert you to what's when...

Work-wise this week, we will take a look at probability (especially after an assessment question last week revealed only partial understanding) and everyone will continue to flesh out their persuasive Pharaoh's Party invitations and begin to record their mummification instructions. Art will see us continuing to construct and decorate muumy cases and we will attempt our first burger creations in DT. Thank you very much to those of you who agreed to defray a little of the cost.

I will finish writing reports this weekend for everyone in the class and I think I'm right in saying that these will be issued on Monday 9th July (but don't quote me on this). Having had to attend a Safer Recruitment training day last week, meaning I missed out on Wednesday with the class, I have to attend one final PESE appeal this week but, because of its timing, will have to miss an hour of time with the class but, again, meaningful work will already be in place and its delivery/completion will all be properly supervised.

As the weeks advance and as temperatures intermittently rise, there are a few class mmbers starting to become a little fractious with each other. Reminders about focus and non-interference in the business of others would be timely, not least as all work being produced at present is very much in line for submission to any required appeals panel procedures in September...

With homework having been issued on Friday, this will continue for three more weeks from now, the final set being issued on Friday 6th July to be completed and handed in by Thursday 12th July. Please help to, again, maintain the focus for these last few weeks. Thank you.

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