...and are looking forward to extending the learning further.

This week, in our English lessons we will be continuing our work on information texts.  We have been practising using information texts to find specific information (about castles) and now we will be moving on to making our own information sheets about life in a castle.

In our maths lessons we will be completing our second week on fractions.  This week we will be finding half of a quantity and then a quarter of a quantity.  We will finish our week by learning how to use our skills to solve problems involving halving and quartering.

This week in PE we will be practising some of the skills we will need for sports day - hopefully the weather will be kind and we will be able to have our PE lessons on the school field.

Our history lessons will continue with more information about castles and the children will make comparisons between their own lives and the lives of the people who lived in the castle communities.

In science, (our topic is Animals, Including Humans) we will be moving on to the senses and the parts of the body that are associated with each one.  This will include lots of fun tasks.

We're looking forward to a great week!




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