Yes! We have another busy week this week! Not only will we be continuing our Superhero topic by reading 'Traction' Man but we will also be practising our cycling skills!

This week we will start by reading 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey. In the story Traction Man is given a new outfit which he doesn't really like so we'll have a go at designing him a new one. We will design our outfit with a purpose in mind and think carefully about the details. Later in the week we will make his outfit for him and also write him a letter to tell him all about our design.

On Tuesday Red Class will have their cycling workshops in small groups. Just a reminder, children will need to have long sleeves on and long trousers. Due to the warm weather forecast for this week the children could wear a long sleeved jacket that they can take off when they are not cycling. The children can come in wearing these clothes and will keep them on all day as different groups will be cycling throughout the day. The children do not need to bring in bikes or helmets as these will be provided for them.

When the children are not cycling we will be continuing with our Sport's Day practise!

Wednesday will also be a little different this week as Red Class will be using two of the classrooms upstairs for the day. This is due to a visit from the children who will join Red Class in September (where has this year gone?!).

In Phonics this week we will learn the tricky word 'out'- we had such a busy week last week that we just couldn't squeeze it in! As well as this we will practise the Phase 3 sounds that we find a little trickier when reading and writing.

We will continue to practise our number recognition and skills in Numeracy this week. We will be practising finding one more and one less, recognising numbers to 20 out of order and playing a game of number bingo!

So, another very busy week ahead!

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