We are counting down the days!

We have a busy week ahead...we will be completing Castle Calculations in maths and exploring Castle stories and myths in English. We will be competing as houses Moore, Robertson and Webb in PE to achieve Sports Day points and learning a new drawing skill in art. We have already practised the skill of taking rubbings and filling the page with ground and sky. 

Each day we edge closer to the day out caterpillars make their way out of their cosy chrysalises.

On Thursday, some of Yellow Class will be representing Tunstall at a Rapid Fire Cricket tournament. Good Luck Yellows!

Then Friday brings the Big Day-off to Dover we go! The weather looks set to be warm! Please ensure you apply an 'all day' sun cream to your child before school and send them to school with a sun hat, sensible shoes, lunch (unless you have requested a packed lunch from school) and drinks.

When we arrive at Dover we will be:

Exploring the castle and grounds and completing a 'Feature Finder' tally to look for all the features of a castle that we have learnt about in history this term, as well as testing our map reading skills as we navigate round in groups of 6.

Creating medieval Wanted Posters as we dress up in educations rooms.

Getting artistic with landscape drawing to put into practice the drawing skills we have been learning in art this term.

Listening to Castle Stories in the real life setting.

Writing a good old postcard about a day trip.

We can't wait!!!


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